A Map in the Works

xBaDyw3l03U3mEQ3mlqy7mQtVPnX8AjAe5heeYSfQt8,zg-qSPBvVsnvpd5cH7wOBsB77tI8JyylNtOl-kU7DmkFollowing the excitement of the first thru hike of the GPT, the goal is now to produce a reasonably workable map for possible future hikers.  The map should be completed sometime this summer in time for the fall southbound hiking season, should anyone decide to give it a go.  There will also be some narrative descriptions of as much of the route as possible.  Keep an eye out here a for more news and updates.

Also, if you’re wondering about those last few days of Strider’s hike, keep an eye on his Facebook page because he’s planning on posting the last of his blog entries as well as a number of new photos!


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    Always enjoy getting updates from the Great Plains Trail.

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