How to Help the GPTA

I’ll be posting some articles from our most recent newsletter to start off in 2019. Here’s is an article from GPTA board member Kevin Purdy:

Board member Kevin Purdy on the Great Plains Trail

5 Ways to Help the Great Plains Trail

The Great Plains Trail needs your help in turning an incredible dream into an amazing
reality. We have already taken the first important steps in getting our legacy project
up and running. Now we could use some assistance from you. Here are the top five
ways that you can help the Great Plains Trail become the next great American long distance trail:

1. Donate – The Great Plains Trail Alliance is a non-profit organization. We
cannot build the Great Plains Trail without the help of generous donors. Of
course, every little bit helps, so donations of all sizes are welcome. It’s
easy to donate by just visiting the Great Plains Trail Alliance at and clicking on the “Donate” button.

2. Spread the Word Online – The Great Plains Trail can be found at the Great
Plains Trail website/blog, on Twitter (@grtplainstrail), on Facebook (Great
Plains Trail Alliance) and on our Great Plains Trail blog
( We greatly appreciate it when you follow us
on our various social media accounts as well as re-post, retweet, like and
make helpful comments/replies. Feel free to mention Great Plains Trail to
your online friends and invite them to join our network of trail fans. Also, be
sure to leave comments on the Great Plains Trail blog. And finally, we are
also on You can find us by visiting the WhiteBlaze website then visiting Forums>Other Long Trails>Great Plains Trail.

3. Spread the Word in Person – Both long distance trail fans and Great Plains fans
have something in common. They are friendly folks who enjoy discussing
common interests. So, the next time you gather with a friend or group of
friends, don’t hesitate to tell them about the Great Plains Trail. Remember, we
are one of the only long-distance trails that is amenable to hikers, bicyclists
and equestrians. And we want all of our future trail users to spread the word
among their various groups of friends. Here’s your conversation starter: “So,
what do you think of the Great Plains Trail?” Take it from there and have fun.

4. Volunteer – We could use some help in certain specific areas including map making, fund raising, and trail locating. We would especially love to have
volunteers with expertise in such areas as right-of-way acquisition,
membership drives, website development, social media
coordination and crowdfunding/fundraising. Please contact us
on the GPTA website if you’d like to help. If you know of anyone who has
these skills, please ask them to check out the Great Plains Trail website.

5. Sign up for Amazon Smile – One easy and painless way to donate to the Great
Plains Trail Alliance is by designating GPTA as your Amazon Smile charity of
choice. It’s easy and doesn’t cost you a penny. Once you have designated the
Great Plains Trail Alliance as your Amazon Smile charity of choice, a small
percentage of each Amazon purchase goes toward the Great Plains Trail.
Here’s how to sign up for Amazon Smile:

a. Visit

b. Sign in with your

c. Choose a charitable organization to
receive donations, or search for charity of your choice.

d. Select your charity

e. Start shopping!

f. Add a bookmark for to make it even
easier to return and start your shopping
at AmazonSmile

Any help you can provide for the Great Plains Trail is greatly appreciated. Please consider
contributing to this great cause and become an integral part of this amazing new long distance trail through America’s heartland. Thank you!

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