GPTA Founder’s Club – Last Call

Although Great Plains Trail Alliance has been in existence for several years, we are still very much in our infancy as an organization. We have big ideas, but we remain small and operate at a low pleasant hum. We also know that the future looks bright for the Great Plains Trail, and in the coming years and decades, we see tremendous potential for growth and development of this trail.

2018 was a pivotal year for our organization thanks to the many people who helped us take some big strides. Some of those people include the members of our Founder’s Club – they donated $1,000 or more and now have a permanent spot in the history of the organization, but something called the Founder’s Club can’t be around forever. This unique oportunity closes forever after December 31, 2018.  

Founder’s Club Membership includes:

– a lifetime membership in the organization (newsletters and events)

– a mile of trail named in your honor ($2,000 would earn two miles of trail, etc.)

– your name on a permanent monument (TBD) along the trail

– you’ll also receive a GPT Daypack, a GPT Hat, and a GPT Mug.

Please contact us (go to our website and click on Contact Us) if you need more information on this once in a lifetime opportunity, and thanks!


About greatplainstrail

Building the Great Plains Trail.
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