The Great Trail – Canada Style

Here is a section in Manitoba – sort of Great Plainsy

This time, I’m not talking about the Great Plains Trail. I’m talking about the Great Trail. This is news to me, but apparently, Canada just completed its Great Trail – 24,000 km covering 13 provinces and practically every major part of the second largest country in the world. Wow!

The website claims that it is 100% connected and open to bikers, hikers, horseback riders, and cross country skiers. To be honest, my jaw is kind of on the floor right now. That is a monumental achievement surpassing what I though was even possible on such a large scale, even in a country that is friendlier to trails in general. Way to go Canada!

I’ll include the link here to the website: The Great Trail and you can check it out for yourself.

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Building the Great Plains Trail.
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