GPT Newsletter

We’re sharing our very first newsletter with the world! We hope to publish two of these per year, and maybe increase it to quarterly as time and resources allow. A huge thanks to all of the GPTA board members who made this first issue possible!

Below is a link that should take you there . . .

June_2018_GPTA_newsletter_pdf (1)


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Building the Great Plains Trail.
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3 Responses to GPT Newsletter

  1. Trailsnet says:

    Thanks to all the Great Plains Trail Board members for the wonderful newsletter articles.

  2. Karen says:

    VERY COOL! Keep it up GPTA!

  3. It was great to see the first GPTA Newsletter. A picture of the Board members also allows one to “put a face to the words” Your strategy of improving and better defining the trail in the “core” area of upper Nebraska and lower South Dakota seems like an excellent next step. Hopefully, your recent exposure in the BACKPACKING magazine and your involvement in various meetings/seminars will lead to additional contributions to enable continued advancement of the Great Plains Trail. Good Luck GPTA.

    Buzz M

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