GPT Photo of the Week – Purgatoire River Canyon

In southeast Colorado, in the Comanche National Grassland, there is an outstanding canyon along the Purgatoire River. It features trails, scenic bluffs, stellar views, and even dinosaur tracks!

Yep, you read that right, dinosaur tracks.

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3 Responses to GPT Photo of the Week – Purgatoire River Canyon

  1. Connie R. Neumann says:

    The Picketwire and Chorizo Canyons along the Purgatory River are so remote near Springfield, CO, but with spectacular cedar covered bluffs, petroglyphs, dinosaur tracks and old stage coach trails it has the feel of the undiscovered West. BTW, one has to be in a permitted group (often from the Denver Mus. of Science & Nature) to explore the dinosaur tracks when they are exposed at certain times of the year. Great hiking with no nearby facilities (or wifi!).

    I just drove by Springfield and Campo today on 287 and saw the signposts on my way to Texas. These canyons always make me smile with good memories.

  2. Connie R. Neumann says:

    Checkout the Forest Service website for Picketwire Canyon!

  3. MissileToe says:

    Nearly all of your images encourage my urge to pack my bike and head to the location featured in your image to bike and camp. I do not know the origin of these urges to ride in wide-open spaces since I am a life-member of the East-Coast-born-and-bred club. I have followed the urge to Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota, and North Dakota.

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