The Great Plains – A Big Place, but not a “Megaregion”

America has been in the process of becoming more and more urbanized and suburbanized for a very long time.  Apparently, geographers think that trend will continue. The Regional Plan Association has identified eleven “Megaregions” in the United States that together have about 75% of the population of the country.  There’s lots to think about with this idea, and the map is fun to contemplate, but for the sake of this blog, just take a look and the  empty section where the Great Plains are.

Yes, I know, that means that there are far fewer economic opportunities there, but it also means it’s one of the last areas of the country where you can find some solitude, and see the country as it was.  In any of these “Megaregions,” if you were to go away and come back in 5 or 10 years, you wouldn’t even recognize it.  The Great Plains, by contrast, has a comforting stability in its sparseness and isolation.

Here is a link to the article where you can click on the map for a better look at it:

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