GPT – Photo of the Week – 7/17/17

It’s back to South Dakota this week for no particular reason other than I really like this photo and I really like this place.  This is in Custer National Forest.  The rolling terrain here is spectacular and almost has an alpine feel to it.   It was a hot day in July.  I rode my bike to cover as much territory as I could, and then climbed a modest hill to get this view.  If you continue on the forest road in view, you would eventually come to Reva Campground at the north end of the National Forest.  This is on the GPT, but it needs some scouting and additional development to make it happen.

In the coming weeks, look for how you can become a founding member of GPTA, so you can help make trail sections like this become a reality.


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2 Responses to GPT – Photo of the Week – 7/17/17

  1. bubbasuess says:

    Is that near the Slim Buttes?

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