The GPT – A Destination Trail

Great Plains Trail in Nebraska - 112World’s Newest Destination Trail

The Great Plains Trail is destined to become one of the greatest destination trails in the world. Once that happens, it will join such venerable long distance paths as:


Great Plains Trail in Nebraska - 010Active Travelers’ Paradise

Destination Trails are those that active travelers deem as being worthy of planning an entire vacation around. Some features of destination trails include:

  • They are usually fairly lengthy trails. (Over 20 miles and often over 100 miles long)
  • They are scenic trails.
  • They are accessible, usually by train, plane or automobile.
  • They feature some type of attraction(s) that could be historical, cultural or recreational.
  • They offer a safe route for human-powered transportation.


unspecified-7What Makes The Great Plains Trail a Destination Trail?

The Great Plains Trail will eventually become a premier destination trail once it is fully developed. As with most long distance trails, it can be tackled in its entirety or in smaller segments. At over 2,000 miles, it definitely meets the length criteria. In fact, it would be one of the longest destination trails in the world.


unspecified-9Scenic Trail

As you can see by the pictures on this website, it definitely meets the scenic criteria. In fact, most people will be surprised at the beauty they find in America’ s Great Plains. Despite popular belief, the Great Plains offer incredible opportunities for amazing landscapes and hidden treasures.


unspecified-12Trail Attractions

The Great Plains Trail offers numerous attractions from five state high points to local museums, geological wonders, historic landmarks and stunning flora and fauna. Since the Great Plains is often overlooked as a tourist destination, travelers will often have these amazing scenic offerings to themselves for unmatched solitude and tranquility.


Great Plains Trail in Nebraska - 064Trail Users

It is the human-powered transportation option that is likely to set the Great Plains Trail apart from the rest. Most of current long-distance trails are accessible for hikers. Some of them offer bicycling opportunities for at least portions of their route. But the Great Plains Trail may be the most versatile and inclusive of all the great destination trails. In addition to hiking and backpacking, it is likely that the Great Plains Trail may also include options for mountain bikers and equestrians for part or all of the trail. This would provide a more inclusive trail experience for active travelers and outdoor enthusiasts.


The new route was a success!

Be a Part of the Great Plains Trail

Stay tuned for more information about the Great Plains Trail. Become part of this historic trail building experience while it is still in its infancy.


Guest post by GPTA Board Member Kevin Purdy


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