Not Far From the Interstate – Cross Ranch

The bison herd at Cross Ranch

The bison herd at Cross Ranch

Cross Ranch on the Missouri River in North Dakota is not too far from Interstate 94 (about 30 miles north of Bismarck).  It consists of a smaller unit (600 acres) that is actually a state park, and a system of larger nature preserve units (6,000 acres) that is administered by the Nature Conservancy.  There are plenty of things to do and see at Cross Ranch.   There are over 16 miles of trails, campsites, cabins, and interpretive programs.  Due to the importance of the Missouri River riparian habitat, the park teems with birds and other wildlife, including a bison herd!

Admittedly, I’ve never been to Cross Ranch, but in this little bit of research I’ve done, I’m now itching to go!  If anyone reading this has been there, I’d love to hear some first hand accounts.  Just leave a comment!

Follow this link for the best information on what to see and do in the park:  Cross Ranch

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