Just off the Interstate: Theodore Roosevelt National Park

In keeping with my promise from the previous post, I intend to deliver useful (hopefully) information about places to see, and things to do in the Great Plains.  I’ll start with some places that are easily accessible from major Interstate Highways.

Theodore Roosevelt National Park

Theodore Roosevelt National Park - Photo by Sarah Nystrom

Theodore Roosevelt National Park – Photo by Sarah Nystrom

Just off Interstate 94, take the road less traveled in western North Dakota and see a big western national park with big skies, big wildlife, big scenery, and small crowds.  Here is a video introduction to the park:  TRNP Video


There are over 100 miles of hiking trails in the park from short nature walks to full day adventures.  Follow this link for detailed information: TRNP Hiking


The Little Missouri River offers a unique opportunity to experience the bluffs and canyons of the park:  TRNP Canoeing

Horseback Riding

Travel many of the same trails you can hike, but if walking is not your thing, ride a horse! Teddy Roosevelt did: TRNP Horseback Riding


It’s OK to ride a bike through the park as long as you stay on roads.  No trail riding is allowed:  TRNP Biking

There are, of course, many other things to do in and around the park, but this should get you sufficiently fired up to check out Theodore Roosvelt National Park.  The nearby town of Medora, North Dakota is a little bit touristy, but has all of the ammenities that a traveler might require.

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