Buffalo buffalo buffalo?

baffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo

Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo???

Ran across a gem the other day (even though it’s a head-scratcher) that I’d like to share with all you buffalo (not bison in this case) aficionados out there.  It involves the word “buffalo,” and all of its permutations in terms of meaning and usage.  First, here are all of the various ways that “buffalo” can be used:

Noun:  The big hairy beast we all know.

Noun:  The city of Buffalo. (There are lots of them, and as a side note, my personal favorite happens to be Buffalo, Wyoming on the very western edge of the Great Plains at the base of the Bighorn Mountains.)

Verb:  To intimidate or bewilder.

Adjective (proper):  Describing someone or something from the city of Buffalo.

Knowing this, apparently, we can create the following sentence:

Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo.

Got it?  Me neither, but I like it.  Here’s an explanation from Mental Floss, and if there’s anyone out there who can wrap their head around it, and then explain it to me, please comment on this post!  Have fun and don’t be buffaloed!



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