Timelapse Bison Photos

Very Cool!

The Prairie Ecologist

Regular readers of The Prairie Ecologist are familiar with our timelapse photography project at The Nature Conservancy’s Niobrara Valley Preserve.  With the help of Moonshell Media, we set up nine timelapse cameras to capture the recovery of the Preserve from a big wildfire that swept through in 2012.

The cameras are supposed to be taking a photograph every hour during daylight hours to document what happens in front of them.  However, during 2013, we had a few issues with the cameras that led them to take photos much more frequently (and then run out of space on the memory card).  That led to some gaps in our coverage, but the silver lining is that it also gave us some very nice series of photographs over some two to three hour-long periods.

Twice during those frequently-photographed periods, bison were in the frame.  Below are two very short videos made…

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