Super and Great (Bowl and Plains)

The Denver, Colorado skyline

The Denver, Colorado skyline

Let’s take a short break from our sampling of buttes of the Great Plains, and briefly connect today’s big game, Super Bowl XLVIII, to the Great Plains.

Admittedly, the connection between the Super Bowl and the Great Plains is pretty thin.  In fact, the only real connection I can find is that the Denver Broncos are playing.  Although Denver is often associated with the Rocky Mountains, it is technically on the western edge of the Great Plains – making it the only major American city officially on the Great Plains.  I welcome any other connections that the readers of this blog can find.  Post a comment and let me know . . .

This year marks the 7th time the Broncos have appeared in the Super Bowl.  They have won two, and lost four in their previous six appearances.  What else is there to say other than, “Go Broncos!”

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2 Responses to Super and Great (Bowl and Plains)

  1. JunkChuck says:

    For today, at least, I’m with you: Go Broncos. How about Peyton’s favorite hot read signal: “Omaha!” There’s a clear cut connection for you.

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