It’s “Butte”-iful Out Here – Part 2

Someone who is a much better photographer than me should create a coffee table book of  buttes the Great Plains.  Something with lots of cool pictures, but also some some information on heights, history, and the like.  I think buttes are like the Ayers Rock(s) of America, but without any of the fame.  It’s time they get some of the credit they deserve for being so amazing.  Any takers for this project out there?

Here’s a few cool ones from South Dakota:

Thunder Butte – 2,755 feet


Thunder Butte – photo Richard Steinberger








Slim Buttes – 3,600 feet

Slim Butes - Photo by Terril Heilman

Slim Butes – photo Terril Heilman






Castle Rock Butte – 3,768 feet

Castle Rock Butte - Photo Ben Prepelka

Castle Rock Butte – photo Ben Prepelka








Eagle Nest Butte – 3,410 feet

Eagle Nest Butte - Photo Unknown

Eagle Nest Butte – photo Unknown








Bear Butte – 4,460 feet

Bear Butte - Photo Jerrye and Roy Klotz

Bear Butte – photo Jerrye and Roy Klotz






The Great Plains Trail is routed to pass by Bear Butte with a spur trail to the top.  As written about before in the blog, it’s an amazing place to be . . . as are all Great Plains buttes!

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2 Responses to It’s “Butte”-iful Out Here – Part 2

  1. Ted says:

    Great photos of an inspiring landscape. Wish we could permanently protect all of it.

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