This Place, These People . . . (those coffee table books)

appYet another book of incredible Great Plains images has emerged in recent months.  (Side note – What’s going on here?  Is it me or is the Great Plains becoming a hotbed for photojournalism these days?)

This one is titled, This Place, These People – Life and Shadow on the Great Plains.  The photos are by Nancy Warner and the test is by David Stark.  The photos focus on the decay of farm and ranch buildings throughout Nebraska, and the photos are accompanied by quotes from people who actually lived the bygone life which these photos can only hint at.  Together, it’s a powerful combination.  Please follow the link below which takes you to their website and gives the best taste of what the book is all about.  The second link is to a recent radio piece about the book from the NPR show, Marketplace.  Enjoy!

This Place, These People

Marketplace Radio Piece

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2 Responses to This Place, These People . . . (those coffee table books)

  1. Wow, gorgeous images documenting a somewhat sad transition. Thanks for the review and the link.

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