Center for Great Plains Studies

0803247877I have mentioned it a few times in this blog, but for anyone interested in tapping into a deeper knowledge of the Great Plains there is the Center for Great Plains Studies (CGPS) in Lincoln, Nebraska.  It’s an academic arm of the University of Nebraska that specializes in research related to the Great Plains.  The CGPS is responsible, among many other publications, for the Atlas of the Great Plains as well the Encyclopedia of the Great Plains (shown here).  The areas of research can run the spectrum from biology and botany to history, geography and economics.  As you might imagine, the Great Plains is (and was) a complex community of animals and people all acting on a gigantic stage of grass under a volatile sky, and anything related to any part of that theater is pretty much fair game at the CGPS.

It’s nice to know that the Great Plains is recognized as such an important player in the lives of so many people, and in the story of the North American continent.  The Great Plains has much to teach us, and whether you’re studying at the CGPS or not, it’s good to know that it has so many eager pupils.

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