April Gallery – Western Nebraska

Logo_AloneLike the Dakotas, Nebraska goes through some dramatic changes as you go from east to west.  The eastern portion of the state is akin to most of the Midwest in that it has generally rolling farmlands with a healthy dose of wooded areas in the mix.  The western half of the state is dry with buttes, rattlesnakes and ranches in a landscape reminiscent of scenes from western movies.  It’s a wide open country with dramatic vistas, and you’re more likely to see cowboy hats than feed caps.

Follow the link below to our Flickr site to view and enjoy our April Gallery – Western Nebraska!

April Flickr Gallery – Western Nebraska


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1 Response to April Gallery – Western Nebraska

  1. Ted says:

    A picturesque state, Nebraska is. One whose political leaders should be protecting from the Keystone XL pipeline, not selling out to it.

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