A Rakish Delight – Part 1

IMG_0708We’re getting our rakes ready for doing some moderate trail work tomorrow at Pawnee National Grassland in northern Colorado!  It’s exciting, after a winter of being mostly indoors, to get out and literally get our hands dirty on a trail that we one day hope to have as part of the Great Plains Trail!

The people from the National Grassland have been very supportive and welcoming and we thank them for the opportunity to help them get some needed gravel spread along their trail – particularly in advance of their Trailhead Grand Opening on April 20th.  We’re glad to be a part of the work!

I will follow this post soon with a full report of our day on the trail and with lots of photos of course.

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2 Responses to A Rakish Delight – Part 1

  1. You picked a good day for it, Steve. I look forward to hitting the trail… and raking the trail.

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