Canada Style

"ABE" - American Bison Extraordinaire

“ABE” – American Bison Extraordinaire

During 2013, we plan to feature a gallery of photos each month of places where the trail will pass through.  As often done on this blog, we will follow a roughly north to south direction, so what better place to start than the very northern terminus of the trail, the U.S./Canada border.

It’s a little known fact that lying just to the north of the eastern Montana Hi-Line is a national park.  No, not Glacier National Park, but quite some distance to the east of there.  Stumped?  Ok, it was something of a trick question.  The national park in question is Canada’s Grasslands National Park, which nearly touches the U.S. border in extreme southern Saskatchewan.  It’s a place of dramatic skies and landscapes, with lots of wildlife, space, silence and solitude.

The following gallery of photos (to view, click the link below) is from various photographers on Flickr, and they have agreed to let us share their work on our Flickr page.

Enjoy the Great Plains – Canada Style!

January’s Flickr Gallery – Grasslands National Park


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