Yes! Let’s do it.

Logo_AloneThere is no doubt that 2012 was a great year for the Great Plains Trail!  We formalized the process of creating a new National Scenic Trail by creating our official organization, Great Plains Trail Alliance, and in March, we became officially recognized by the IRS as a 501c3 charity.  We have an awesome group of talented and committed Board Members who are excited about the possibilities for this trail.  Follow the link below to learn more about our Board:

GPTA Board of Directors

Here’s what peope are saying about the Great Plains Trail:

“I can’t wait until the day that the Trail links together some of the Great Plains’ most scenic destinations, providing a comprehensive journey for visitors.”   – Michael Wainwright, American Prairie Reserve

“What a great concept.” – Wil S. Hylton, Writer for Harpers Magazine

“I am totally inspired by what you’re doing!” – Kate rosendale, Graphic Designer from Chicago

“Wow, what a brilliant idea! 
The Great Plains are beautiful in their own way. I enjoy the vast vistas every time I’m somewhere in their midst.”  – Barky, National Park Essayist

“An amibitious vision to preserve a dissapearing national treasure.”  – Chris Coutts, Florida State University Professor

“This has so much potential.” – Henry Fricke, Colorado College Professor

“The temperate grassland ecosystem is one of the least protected habitats on the planet – and getting the public out to see what a beautiful, diverse place it is will be an essential part of its conservation.”  – Katy, American Prairie Reserve

“Fantastic idea! While I’m a big fan of the Rocky Mountain Trail, this would be super for those who don’t want to trek along at altitude. The Great Plains need preservation (and appreciation). I will be following this closely.”  – Beverly, National Parks Enthusiast

“I think a scenic trail on the Great Plains is a great idea . . . This is the time to establish such a trail, while there are uncertainties about the future of agriculture and the area is open to new ideas for drawing people there.” – Donald Worster, University of Kansas Professor

“Yes! Let’s do it.”  – Lee Dalton, Former National Park Ranger

Indeed, Mr. Dalton – we couldn’t agree more!  Please stay tuned to this blog during 2013 for updates and ways you can get involved this year as we hope to take some concrete steps toward making the Great Plains Trail a reality.





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3 Responses to Yes! Let’s do it.

  1. Ted says:


    It would be good to have a way to contribute to the Great Plains Trail that didn’t depend on Paypal. Surely your organization must have a physical address for checks. Related to this, what will contributions be used for? What’s the plan to make the Trail happen? Thanks.

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