The Great Plains and 007

“ABE” – American Bison Extraordinaire

I’m no different from most people in that I enjoy the movies.  Some people are more into movies than others, but I don’t know anybody who doesn’t enjoy sitting down in a theatre, or at home, and diving into a good flick.  The topic is on my mind these days because the new James Bond movie, Skyfall, is just out, and it’s the talk of hollywood.  It’s supposed to be quite a ride.  I imagine I will see it very soon.

I got to thinking the other day about how there are essentially two types of films:  Hollywood Blockbusters like the new James Bond thriller, and small independent films.  The Hollywood blockbusters have a lot of money, cool special effects, and are generally pretty impressive and entertaining.  Almost everyone has seen these types of films, and any follow-up discussion about them is usually about how “totally awesome” it was.  Smaller independent movies, on the other hand – for example Moonrise Kingdom, the most recent Wes Anderson offering – have a much smaller budget, limited (if any) special effects, and generally rely on a good (sometimes quirky) story to keep everyone’s interest.  Almost everyone has also seen these types of films, and follow-up discussions about them are extremely varied, but usually involve getting at a deeper understanding of the plot or the characters.  The point is, most movie lovers enjoy BOTH of these types of movies – it just depends on what mood you’re in.

Wait . . . what does this have to do the the Great Plains?  Well, just like films, there may also be two types of nature preserves.  On the one hand, there are the places of jaw-dropping, spectacular scenery such as one might find in a signature National Park like Glacier or Grand Teton.  These places have high, snow capped peaks, big wildlife, and dramatic rushing rivers.  Everyone loves these places, and for good reason.  They’re “totally awesome!”  On the other hand, there are the more subdued places of the Great Plains, or the prairies of the Midwest – places like American Prairie Reserve, or Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve.  These places are subtle, pretty, understated, and full of beguiling wonders.  While they may lack the drama of the spectacular, they have much to offer, and like a good independent film, can keep you interested and intrigued long after the curtains close on your visit.

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3 Responses to The Great Plains and 007

  1. Ross-Barry Finlayson says:

    Awesome post. I share in your comments.

  2. Bob says:


    Even here in the Prairie State, it’s hard to get people to appreciate the prairie.

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