Pedal the Plains

I had a chance to attend some of the events yesterday at “Pedal the Plains,” a bicycle ride that mirrors the “Ride the Rockies” event in Colorado.  The idea is to highlight the beauty of the plains and get more people out there to enjoy it.  It’s a goal that we share here at Great Plains Trail Alliance.  Below are some photos of the events, as well as some from my trip out there.  Enjoy!

The finsh line for Pedal the Plains in Burlington, CO.

Burlington features a pleasant “old town” with examples of buildings and life from around 1900.

A scene from old town.

Near the old town square.

The church and the one-room school house.

High, wide, and handsome . . . as the saying goes.

The land west of Limon, CO.

A classic scene in the Great Plains – the crumbling homestead.

A nice scene along Bijou Creek


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  1. silver price says:

    We’ll be riding to support EOC and we’ll be riding to bring visibility to Colorado’s Touchstone Energy Cooperatives. And we’ll be enjoying the vast blue skies and unending vistas of the eastern plains. So if you happen to encounter a bunch of bicyclists in “Powering the Plains” jerseys give us a “thumbs-up” as you pass (slowly) by.

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