I promise to return to topographical features of the Great Plains very soon, but I wanted to post an update about our latest project.  We have launched a small fundraising campaign with an online source called Indiegogo.  They help organizations and even individuals raise funds for various things from Art to Zebras.

Our specific project is to create a documentary type video so that we can spread the word about the Great Plains Trail with a little more flair than we have been able to manage to date.  I’m using my own video (courtesy “Arm-Length Productions”) from last year to demonstrate that we need some, shall we say, professional assistance in this endeavor.

You can check out our campaign by clicking here.

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Building the Great Plains Trail.
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2 Responses to Indiegogo

  1. trailsnet says:

    Sorry about the Trailsnet logo on my IndieGoGo profile, but it wouldn’t take my photo when I tried to download it… seriously. I guess IndieGoGo has higher standards. (-:

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