Wild South Dakota Grasslands

I’d like to share an excellent video from the South Dakota Wild Grassland Coalition.  They’re an organization looking to create a grassland wilderness area to the southwest of Badlands National Park.  To the best of my knowledge, there aren’t any grasslands that have a wilderness designation attached to them (unless you count alpine tundra).  A wilderness designation (Wilderness Act of 1964) means that it would remain completely roadless, and would receive a high degree of federal protection.

This is an exciting project and would help protect a wonderfully scenic piece of the Great Plains!  These areas also represent a possible route for a section of the Great Plains Trail.  The link to the video is below:

SD Wild Grassland Coalition Video

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2 Responses to Wild South Dakota Grasslands

  1. Bob says:

    Grasslands wilderness — there are designated wildernesses in both Badlands and Theodore Roosevelt, and two in national grasslands (NE & SD). There are a bunch of small wildernesses in national wildlife refuges scattered across the plains but I don’t know the terrain, and I suspect they are mostly wetlands.

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