Thanks to Best Hike for posting about the Great Plains Trail!

Steve Myers:

The ultimate goal is to establish, develop, maintain, preserve and promote a long distance, public, non-motorized trail running north/south through the short grass prairies of the Great Plains of North America

… a trail that runs from Canada’s Grassland National Park on the U.S./ Canada border to the summit of Guadalupe Peak in Guadalupe Mountains National Park, Texas.

The trail will allow for hiking, horseback riding, and in most areas, mountain biking. …


I subscribed to Steve’s semi-official blog – The Great Plains Trail

Kurt Repanshek likes the concept: National Parks Traveler – Consider A Foot Path From Canada To Texas Through The Great Plains

I like the idea, too. Having lived in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan for 10yrs, I know the bleak beauty of the prairies.

(via Hiking in Glacier – Making a case for the Great Plains Trail)

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Building the Great Plains Trail.
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  1. Lyn Fenwick says:

    I love the idea of a trail that allows hikers to slow down and discover the beauty of the priairie. For those of you who already love the prairie and its history or are curious to learn more about it, you are invited to my blog at about the adventure of researching and writing a book about a Kansas homesteader and his community.

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