Significant Dreaming

I launched the Great Plains Trail Project at the beginning of 2011 as a vision, and it is a vision that has occupied my thinking everyday since.  I have written of my original inspiration from twenty years ago.  I have traced some of the history of the region, from its Native American origins to more recent developments.

What I came to find in a year of constantly pursuing this vision is that there are many others who want to share in the vision.  I have received such an enormously positive response to this project over the past year, that I cannot be but excited and encouraged to carry it even further in 2012.  Onward we go!

Those who love the prairies and the plains have much in common, and I see the Great Plains Trail as a away to unite and link the interests of many into one tangible object, a trail, that can serve as a reminder of the unbroken vastness that once occupied the interior of the North American continent.

I end with a quote from Sharon Butala from her memoir, The Perfection of the Morning.  Happy New Year, and I’ll see you on the Great Plains Trail in 2012!

“It was not until I moved to the country to live that my significant dreaming really began. . . The Great Plains are a land for visionaries, they induce visions, they themselves are visions, the line between the fact and dream is so blurred.  What other landscape around the world produces the mystic psyche so powerfully?  Sky and land, that is all, and grass, and what Nature leaves bare the human psyche fills.”

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1 Response to Significant Dreaming

  1. buzz myers says:

    2011 on the Great Plains Trail was a good “ride” – I learned a lot from your postings I look forward to the “journey” called 2012

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