A Picture is Worth a Thousand Exclamation Points

The other day on the WordPress “front page,” called Freshly Pressed, I stumbled on a very nice photo which I recognized immediately to be from the Badlands in South Dakota (not the photo above).  I clicked on the blog to find out what the post might be about.

The blog is called Everywhere Once and this particular post was about the simple act of walking, and how far removed some (perfectly fit) people can be in this modern world from this most basic tenet of human existence.  Following the blog was a nice discussion about the topic, but what struck me as I was reading was the sheer volume of comments that mentioned the picture of the Badlands.  Some were merely stating a pleasantry by writing something like, “Great photo.”  Others were more intrigued, and wondered where such a landscape exists.  Still others were, how else do I say it, gushing.  Here are some examples from the comments posted on this blog:

“Stunning piece of nature.  I fell in love with that photo.”

“Love the Badlands photo!!”

“That photo is sublime!”

“Wow!  Such a beautiful photo!  Breathtaking!”

“That is a very lovely landscape!  Love it!”
“Gorgeous shot!”

Clearly, they were moved by a simple photo of a Great Plains landscape.  Granted, Badlands National Park is a particularly dramatic example, but nonetheless, I think it speaks volumes of the power of this landscape to inspire, and this was but one photo.  Imagine the full experience of being on the Great Plains Trail immersed in the landscape with all of your senses.  What would they say then?

The goal of the Great Plains Trail Project is to find out!

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Building the Great Plains Trail.
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2 Responses to A Picture is Worth a Thousand Exclamation Points

  1. trailsnet says:

    Thanks for the info about Everywhere Once. It’s a good site.

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