Ted Turner Donates Bison to Boulder

The mascot for the University of Colorado is the buffalo.  Another term is bison (interestingly, both terms mean ox-like animal), and soon the mighty bison (or buffalo) may be making an appearance in Boulder on more than just the side of a football helmet.

An article in the Boulder Daily Camera reported that media magnate, and noted Great Plains conservationist, Ted Turner has donated 20 bison to be re-introduced on approximately 200 acres of their former native territory just outside of Boulder.  It will be up to the city to determine how to manage the small herd, but the bison are likely to be quite an attraction for people to see as they drive between Boulder and Denver.

The above link to the article includes a short video where Mr. Turner describes some of the reasons for donating the bison, as well as other interesting facts about Great Plains wildlife.  It’s well worth watching.

The Great Plains Trail operates out of Longmont, Colorado, just a few miles from where these bison are going to be.  It will be exciting to see them reclaiming this spot, and to follow their story.


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4 Responses to Ted Turner Donates Bison to Boulder

  1. trailsnet says:

    It’ll be sweet to see the bison every time I drive into Boulder. They’ll be located right between Louisville & Boulder. All those years singing “Oh give me a home, where the buffalo roam…” have finally paid off. Ask & ye shall receive!! (-:

  2. Suki Howard says:

    Love Boulder (attended CU in ’76) and hopefully the buffalo donated by Mr. Turner are thriving by this point.

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