The Great Northwest welcomes the Great Plains

The Great Plains Trail is now on the website Trailpedia.   Trailpedia offers excellent information and reviews for established trails (from short nature loops to longer multi-day trips).  Many of the trails are in the Seattle area, but the site is expanding and looking to add trails from anywhere.  The information is thorough, reliable and submitted by people who have actually hiked the trail.  Not only have they hiked it, they have also taken pictures and notes, so they can add information about mileage, facilities or just interesting spots along the trail.  It’s an excellent resource for anyone who likes trails.

Although not a completed trail, Trailpedia was kind enough to let The Great Plains Trail be a part of the list as a proposed trail.  It’s inspiring to see how many people understand and can get excited about the idea for the Great Plains Trail.  It’s now time to take the steps and move it from an idea to a reality, or as I like to say, “Let’s get this idea ON the ground!”

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Building the Great Plains Trail.
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2 Responses to The Great Northwest welcomes the Great Plains

  1. trailsnet says:

    I’m glad to see you’re spreading the word about the Great Plains Trail, Steve. Keep up the good work.

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