Scenic Overlook

In the news this week was the fact that an entire town is for sale in South Dakota.  The town of Scenic, not far from Badlands National Park, could be yours for a mere $799,000.  When you think of how many single family homes in the U.S.  could sell for that much or more, it’s quite remarkable.  

I’m also including the following link to an interesting article about the town that appeared a few years back in South Dakota Magazine.

This story relates to the Great Plains Trail in two significant ways:  First, the name of the town is “Scenic,” and having just traveled through that region for the first time in a while, I was struck again by the stunning beauty of the landscape.  Western South Dakota is a magnificent example of the Great Plains at their best – awe inspiring and “scenic” indeed.

The second way this story relates to the GPT is the fact that AN ENTIRE TOWN IS FOR SALE!  This dramatically illustrates the de-population and economic woes of the region.  This amazing part of the country clearly needs a new model for success, and the Great Plains Trail offers one way for more people to experience this spectacular and “scenic” region.


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