A Big Thanks Under a Big Sky

The Great Plains Trail Project would like to thank the American Prairie Foundation for meeting in “Big Sky Country” to discuss the possibility of the GPT.  The enthusiastic support for the vision of the GPT is much appreciated from such a respected organization.  The information and insights gained will be invaluable as the project moves forward.

The American Prairie Foundation is thinking big with a goal of 3 million acres set aside for conservation and recreation in Montana.  If possible, the Great Plains Trail is thinking even bigger with the goal of a milti-state 1000+ mile trail.  Both projects will require hard work and creativity to reach their respective goals, but the end result will be a way for more people to experience what the Great Plains truly once were – grand, spectacular, and teeming with life under an immense sky.

The Great Plains Trail Project looks forward to working with the APF to help each of our goals be realized.

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2 Responses to A Big Thanks Under a Big Sky

  1. trailsnet says:

    These are indeed lofty goals but worthwhile goals. A journey of a thousand [trail] miles…

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