The Envelope Please . . .

This week the film, American Serengeti about the efforts of the American Prairie Foundation is being honored with two awards at the 34th International Wildlife Film Festival in Missoula, Montana.  It won for Best Film Made in Montana and Best of Category – Television Program (budget $500,000+).  It also received recognition for Best Cinematography and Best Conservation Message.  Congratulations!

In an earlier blog, I mentioned this film, which has been aired on the National Geographic Channel.  Here is the link to a preview of the program.  This movie shows just how important the Great Plains is.  For countless millennium, it played an enormous role on this continent in terms of habitat for wildlife.  It was a working ecosystem on a truly grand scale.  It is fragmented now, but thanks to organizations like the American Prairie Foundation, large tracts of it are returning to their former glory.

The Great Plains Trail is also hard at work, looking for ways to bring some of that lost heritage back.

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2 Responses to The Envelope Please . . .

  1. buzz myers says:

    Enjoyed the short video on the great plains – that must have been quite remarkable for Lewis and Clark to see that in it’s unspoiled condition

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