Earth Day

Earth Day is a great day to get out there and enjoy a trail.  Any trail.  There’s hardly a better way to enjoy the natural world than to be on a trail.  Whether the trail is a short one near your house, or a long epic National Scenic Trail such as the Pacific Crest Trail (or even the Great Plains Trail!), the goal is the same:  to enjoy scenery, wildlife, plant life, air, rock and water. 

Recreation means to re-create yourself, so get out there and go for a hike, bike, or horse ride.  You wont regret it.

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5 Responses to Earth Day

  1. trailsnet says:

    Earth Day is a great day to hit the trails…

    … followed closely by the other 364 days. I got to see a mountain lion chasing a deer on the South Boulder Creek Trail on the day after Earth Day. It was quite a sight.

  2. trailsnet says:

    I don’t think so, but the humans got the lion. When I returned from my ride, the police and animal services had the mountain lion up a tree right off South Boulder Rd. It turned into quite the spectator sport.

  3. trailsnet says:

    From the trail, I was able to watch a chase scene that could have been straight from the Serenghetti. From the road, people saw a scared animal up a tree with humans shaking the limbs and shining a flashlight on it. Very unnatural.
    As usual… The view from the trail is better. It’s a motto we can all embrace.

    • Well said. The road also demands too much of your attention (stoplights, traffic, etc). On the trail, the mind is free to wander without fear of doing something dangerous or illegal or both.

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