The Next Step on the Trail

The process of creating the Great Plains Trail is parallel to actually hiking an epic trail itself.  There are so many steps.  The only difference is that with an actual trail, you know right where your next actual step will be.  In trying to create a trail where none exists, you are faced with endless options and avenues to pursue.  Each step takes time and thought, but as I look about me, I can see that some distance has been gained.

I have been extremely pleased with the amount of interest in the idea of a Great Plains National Scenic Trail.  In the span of about a year, it went from being a dormant idea in my head, to becoming a promising possibility with the support of a variety of people.  It has the support of several professors, a number of people inside the – for lack of a better term – “trail industry,” and about 150 followers on Twitter.  Not bad.

So what’s the next step to take on this long journey?  Due to the amount of interest and positive feedback received so far, the next step is to start a non-profit organization.  I believe this will formalize the effort and show a more serious intent.

I have ideas beyond this as well, but like a good hike, let’s take it one step at a time.


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Building the Great Plains Trail.
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3 Responses to The Next Step on the Trail

  1. By the way, if anyone has advice or expertise to offer on this matter, I’m open to any and all suggestions.

  2. Kevin says:

    Keep on plugging away. A journey of a thousand miles…

    I just finished riding the Santa Ana River Trail in Southern California. Soon it will stretch over 100 miles from beach to mountains. It’s amazing what can be accomplished when a small group of people put their minds and efforts behind a worthy cause.

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