Spring Trip in the Works + Wild Bison?

I’ll be heading out to the plains sometime this week for a short visit.  Spring is definitely on the wind.  I’ll be taking my camera, and looking for wildflowers and scenic vistas.  Check out next week’s blog for the whole story.

For now, here’s an interesting story from the Denver Post about the genetic makeup of a buffalo herd outside of Denver near I-70.  The herd appears to be acting wilder and perhaps slowly losing some of its domesticated bovine genetic traits.  Fascinating.

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6 Responses to Spring Trip in the Works + Wild Bison?

  1. trailsnet says:

    This article ties in nicely with the National Geo article in the March 2011 issue about the domestication of animals. It’s very interesting whether you’re a science buff or a pet lover.

  2. cbmanges says:

    Interesting stuff. Now, every time I see a bison, I’ll be compelled to carefully observe the size of it’s hump. Off the subject, but: Maybe the powers that be could begin to capture Yellowstone bison that wander into Montana in the winter and transfer them to domesticated herds where they can refresh those gene pools a little, rather than shooting them all in deference to the shrill bleatings of hysterical cattle ranchers. Just a thought.

    Keep ’em coming Steve–I’ve been enjoying the vicarious “home on the range” vibe.

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